About Us

Revoral® is expertly Designed by Dentists, who have poured their years of on-ground experience into it.

As an amalgamation of revolution and oral care, Revoral™ aims to elevate your oral care regime with functional, innovative and evidence based oral care products.

Birth of Revoral!

Oral Health is the genesis of your overall health, but it is overlooked to a large extent with lack of awareness, myths, misinformation and availability of clean products specific to the oral health needs of people.

We as dentists could distinctly spot the gap between the needs of people and the options available to them.

This led us to the ideation of Revoral®.

Our Goal

At Revoral®, our vision is to create an ecosystem of oral healthcare, generating experience in the life of everyday consumers & leave no mouth unhealthy.

We are a team of dental surgeons, tech savvy professionals, and various other experts aspiring to amalgamate healthcare and technology in Our 3H Model and build a robust future of oral care in India.

To connect with our vision, please reach out to us on founders@revoral.in