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The Revoral Mission

At Revoral®, we aim to create research & experience backed functional oral care for everyday life of our consumers & build a clean ecosystem for oral healthcare.

  • Designed By Dentists

    Conceived by dentists with years of experience in oral healthcare.

  • Mindful

    We are conscious of our social responsibilities and recycle more than what we produce.

  • Functional & Science Backed

    We focus on needful products with extensive research and testing to ensure quality and functionality.

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What's Q-Puff ?

Q-Puff™ by Revoral is India’s 1st product category designed to elevate oral hygiene and wellness of people who consume tobacco and nicotine.

Q-Puff™ utilizes Coenzyme Q10, a powerful natural antioxidant in our formulation with various oral health benefits.

Q-Puff™ signifies a message of Quit Puffing/ Smoking in the community.

Why Q-Puff ?

Q-Puff™ is unique and specific to the oral health needs of people who are into smoking and tobacco use. With a blend of powerful molecules thoughtfully handpicked and researched:

“Don’t let your oral health go up in smoke”

  • Science & Botanics

  • Toxins Free

  • Alcohol Free

  • No Artifical Colors

  • Not Tested on Animals

  • FDA Approved

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Our 3H Model

Revoral® aims for holistic oral care in the community by addressing concerns in the Habits, Hygiene and Health (3Hs) of people and driving a change with its revolutionary oral care products, consumer education, and community building.

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